2-hour in-home Feng Shui Session


2-hour in-home Feng Shui Session


This 2-hour session can be scheduled online and we'll meet in person in your home. (We can do distance if you aren't in the Philadelphia area).

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Once you schedule I will have you fill out and send back a simple form ahead of time. Please send me your floor plan (a simple loose sketch is fine if you don't have an actual architectural rendering). We will take a tour of your home and make whatever adjustments we can during our session. I will then leave you with a list of what you need to do. Includes a follow-up check-in (phone or email). May include, depending on your home and needs:

  • Assessing your home and clutter and the problems causing it.

  • Inspiration and tools for letting go and decluttering.

  • Evaluating your goals and dreams for your home and life.

  • Setting an intention for your home and the space we're working with.

  • Using the Bagua map on your home to work with certain areas of your life.

  • Remedies based on your time, energy and finances.

  • Tips for organizing, placement and beautifying your space and remaining items based on practical and Feng Shui principles.

  • House numerology.

  • Room function advice, color, decor, art and furniture placement suggestions.