No question is silly. Please reach out if you aren't sure if I can help you. I am happy to talk it through with you.

What if I'm embarrassed for you to see my disheveled home?

I get it. We all live messy lives at some point depending what is going on. Between work and life things get busy and our homes do suffer. All work will be done confidentially, and nothing shared without your permission.

Who and what have you been inspired by?

My friends and family, the Pacific Northwest, Marie Kondo, Joshua Becker and The Minimalists. That heavy feeling I get when I enter some people's homes. The stress from not being able to find something. The days spent dealing with clutter or not being able to easily find something when I could be out for a hike. The freedom I feel when everything's gone and cleared out. The joy I feel when I know someone is enjoying using something I no longer have a need for. The time to do what I want and create in the world. Being able to appreciate everything that I already have and the knowledge that I am capable of getting anything I need in a short amount of time. All the beauty of life that comes when we are in love with and supported by what surrounds us.

What if my family or significant other isn't on board with this work?

Sometimes humans are scared to do the work and fear the change that may come. I can work with you and your own items or space. Once they see the outcome, they may decide they need it too. But it should be their decision. I don't support you in getting rid of someone else's things or changing shared spaces without their permission (if they are living).